Religious advice concerning matrimonial websites/ apps

Religious advice concerning matrimonial websites/ appsCategory: RelationshipsReligious advice concerning matrimonial websites/ apps
Prefer not to say asked 4 years ago

Assalamu alaikum,
Like most of the muslim youth today, one of the key preoccupations is marriage and looking for the right spouse. Many of the muslim youth have turned to matrimonial websites such as ‘PureMatrimony’ and apps such as ‘Muzmatch’ due to their ease of access . They have branded themselves as halal , however they do allow for direct correspondence between the genders.
I was wondering whether it was permissible to look for a spouse through these mediums and whether it was permissible to correspond directly with a girl in asking marriage related questions over the internet?
If so , could you please direct me to the religious requirements in which one could use such apps/ websites?
Also if it is the case that it is permissible to correspond as long as a chaperone or third person is present, I was wondering as to who the chaperone online and in person marriage meetings could be, does it have to be the girl’s wali or mahram or could the chaperone be one of my adult family members (i.e sister,mother) , or even any trustworthy adult muslim?
Lastly , legally does a girl’s mahram or wali have to be aware when she is corresponding with someone for the purposes of marriage ? The reason I ask this is that many of the muslim youth come from broken and difficult households in which the parents are unwilling or are opposed in getting their children married and in looking for a spouse for them.
This topic has caused some confusion between me and my peers and I was hoping you could shed light on it or at least direct me to those who can.
Jazakallah Khair