Relationship of exes after divorce

Relationship of exes after divorceCategory: RelationshipsRelationship of exes after divorce
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I hope that this note finds you in the best of health.  I am glad that such an online forum exists  where one can inquire about their ongoing issues according to Islam.    I am in dire need of some guidance with regards to Islamic jurisprudence and am hoping that you can help.  
My in-laws divorced about 13-14 years ago with witnesses and continue to meet in public etc, which I personally do not agree with. My mother in law still carries her married name because she states it is too difficult for her to change all her documents etc. In addition, since we are Canadians, she is also now receiving half her ex husband’s pension. I, personally, do not agree with a lot of her cultural yet unislamic practices yet I have kept quiet.  The reason this concerns me now is because we just our first child, a daughter, a few months ago. If this money is haraam, I do not wish for it to be used to buy things for my daughter. I’m a practicing Muslim and am a flawed soul myself but I try my best to follow the basic principles and pillars of Islam to the best of my ability. My mother in law reads a lot of Islamic books and is enrolled in a Madarasah back home in Pakistan but on more than one occasion, I have noticed how Islamic rules are manipulated for her benefit, either by emotional blackmail or by giving cultural customs more weightage. 
I was hoping you could provide guidance on this as I need something to validate my concerns.  My limited knowledge tells me that exes are completely na-mehram once the divorce is in effect and there is no need for them to be socializing.
I sincerely appreciate your time and assistance.  JazakAllah khair. 
Best Regards,