Refusing to eat food offered by muslim

Refusing to eat food offered by muslimCategory: ReligionRefusing to eat food offered by muslim
Azam Chishty asked 7 years ago

I understand you are inundated with questions everyday and i have tried to use the search facility for my query but could not find an answer. Inshallah this query will reach you and you will be able to provide an answer.
My partner is very particular about the food she eats to ensure it is halal; she insists that the meat she eats is HMC qualified. Whilst this is obviously the correct outlook to have, we have come to a disagreement on the extent of her refusal to eat food of which she does not know the origin.
My partner refuses to eat the meat when we are invited to a house dinner as guests. What concerns and frustrates me particularly about this is that this applies even if the host is a friend known to be a practicing Muslim. This even applies to my own family; my partner will refuse to eat the food offered when at my parents house or my siblings house because she cannot verify that the meat is HMC.
It is my opinion that it is very disrespectful from my partner to refuse the food offered to her. Her actions questions the Islamic integrity of the hosts who have invited us. I feel it is rude and impractical to ensure that the food provided by the host is HMC qualified (which it will indeed be in all likelihood).
My partner maintains her refusal and follows the ideology of “if there is doubt, it is best to avoid it”.
Is there an Islamic ruling on this matter?
Jazakallah Kheir