Recitation error in silent prayer

Recitation error in silent prayerCategory: QuestionsRecitation error in silent prayer
Adrin Ghomshahi asked 4 years ago

As Salaamu Alaikum. During dhuhr salah, i have difficultly with my recitation i.e. the silent prayers – sometimes i feel like i can’t pronounce letters properly (i’m a non arabic speaker) and whilst being in ruku, saying subhana Rabbiyal A’dheem, i have issues pronounce the letter ‘H’ in ‘A’dheem’ so i put emphasis on this letter and exhaled more air out of my chest to pronounce this letter which made the letter ‘H’ in ‘A’dheem’ sound loud thereby; my question is, is my prayer valid because of this? i know it’s a silent prayer but i still (involuntarily ) made this letter sound louder than it should’ve. May Allah bless you with abundance of good and grant you and others which knowledge Firdaws A’la!!