Received a Quran and prayer rugs as gifts!

Received a Quran and prayer rugs as gifts!Category: OtherReceived a Quran and prayer rugs as gifts!
Arazo asked 4 years ago

I received a Quran and prayer rugs and beads and clothes from someone who brought them from mekkah as a gift, I had never received such a thoughtful and precious gift ever in my life so I was very pleased but later on I found out that the persons intensions were never good towards my family and I, It was rather very evil, after that whenever I try to read Quran or pray using the rugs I had received couldn’t concentrate and would get chills with bad feelings so I stopped using the gifts I received put them a way in a safe place and am using my own but still the thought of having them in my home and who they came from breaks my peace and concentration may Allah forgive me it shouldn’t be that way as I take such pride in the peace I get during my prayers otherwise. It’s been 2 years that I haven’t been able to sit and pray in peace for long hours as I used to, my mind wonders to the spot I put them and my mind gets scattered, I offered to return them to the person but they refused to take them back I just don’t know what to do. Would it be ok if I donated them to a mosque???