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Numan asked 5 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum,
Hope you are well.
I am a Muslim, it came to my knowledge a few days ago, that Quran has 7 different variations (Harf), and they were all revealed in the time of the Prophet (PBUH). My questions are as follows:
– why were 7 variations revealed and not just one?
– some variations have different words in Arabic, like ‘ta’alamoom is mentioned as ya’alamoon. ‘Wala tas’aal vs wala tus’aal.Wouldn’t that change the meaning?
– we know that Uthman (RA) preserved one sole mus-haf, which harf was it? And if only one was preserved why do we still have variations? (Uthmani vs Warsh)
– apologies for this question, but wouldn’t that question preservation of the Quran?
I apologize for the questions, but this has been in my head since sometime now. I was brought up with the understanding, that Quran is the same all across the world.
Thank you