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Lamia asked 4 years ago

Salamu alaikoum,
I am a muslim that a few incident happened to me but every time I stop praying something will happen to me so I go back to praying. This morning I had the radio on and I was listening to a music channel. As I was on the other room I can hear the radio changing like old radios and the third attempt it was a channel 023 which I never heard of… it was the holy Quran and the radio just stopped on the Quran. I was stunned and did my wudu and went back to prayers again. I am nit scared but very surprised. What does it mean please? also one day when I woke up for fajr and I can tell you it was not me who was praying the Quran because I am usually very fast when I recite and that day is like my tongue was so heavy and like someone was teaching me how to recite the Quran. can you please help me?