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Syed Shah asked 4 years ago

Assalam o Alaikum. My name is Syed, and I have been looking for answers to some of the questions that I’ve been asked by a non-muslim friend.
My first question is that the Quran mentions in [Surah an Nisa 4:157] that Jesus(pbuh) was not crucified and Allah raised Jesus(pbuh) to Himself and someone else was made to resemble him to the people of that time.
Now, was he raised in the form of a soul or a body? If soul, then what happened to his body that was left in the world?
If Jesus(pbuh) was raised in the form of a body, then whose body did the disbelievers bury in the tomb(as Christians believe that they buried Jesus(pbuh) in the tomb and later he rose from the dead).
The second question is: will Jesus(pbuh) die after he returns to the earth, as the Quran mentions that every soul shall taste death [Surah al Imran 3:185]. If so, how will Jesus(pbuh) die?
My third and last question for this time is: was Adam(pbuh) a messenger of Allah? If so, what prophecies did he do, or how did he spread Islam as many other Prophets did, such as Moses(pbuh), Jesus(pbuh), and Prophet Mohammad(pbuh)?
And if Adam(pbuh) was not a messenger of Allah then why do Muslims call him, “Allayhis Salaam” instead of “Razzi Allahu taala Anho”?
I hope that my questions will be answered soon and in a detailed manner. Thank you, and Assalam o Alaikum.