Question on Ramadan

Question on RamadanQuestion on Ramadan
Darya asked 7 years ago

Asalamu Alaikum,
This ramadan I was very happy because I did all the days. However, on the last day (today), I found out I had been doing it wrong. I fast as I had been thought, which was to wake up and eat suhoor until the sun rises. So I wake up after the adhan and eat and drink until the sun rises. Today I was reading about ramadan and eid al fitr, when I found out you are supposed to eat the suhoor before the adhan. This made me very sad because I put great effort into fasting this year. My question is do I need to repeat all the days, or will my fast be acceptable because I did not know.
Another question I had is that I work in mowing lawns this summer, and during ramadan, it was often difficult to avoid grass getting in my mouth or nose. I know that unintentionally swallowing things doesn’t break the fast. So if I unintentionally swallowed grass a few times, do I have to repeat the days. Thank you and jazakallah khair for your answer.