Question on Knowing Holy Text Terminology

Question on Knowing Holy Text TerminologyCategory: ReligionQuestion on Knowing Holy Text Terminology
Rory Gaines asked 8 years ago


I live in the U.S.A. and only read and speak English.

I want to ask you what is the best way to learn holy text/Moses’s writings/Bible-related text terminology.

I come from a religious background, but when growing up questioned most or entirely everything I was ever taught, and do not affiliate myself with any religious denomination.

In wanting to know the answers to the big questions in life (“Why am I here?”, “What happens after I die?”, etc), I’ve decided to use as the starting point for my search to lifes answers the Bible, since for one thing it was what I grew up on and it’s what much of my beliefs, views, and attitudes, etc are centered around (it is also the foundation for some of the world’s major religions).

I think in order to know the content of the Bible, the first thing to learn and understand the Bible’s terminology (truth, faith, righteousness, etc).

How can one know the contents of a text without first knowing its terminology?

I understand that Islam’s main religious text is the Quran but that, if correct, that it also holds other religious texts like that of Moses’s writings, which are included in other religions as part of what is called the Old Testament books of the Bible.

I am interested to know how Muslims approach the issue arising from language/translation when studying and understanding the specific religious texts like Moses’ since most Muslims, if correct, read and speak the aramaic language while Moses’s writings were, if correct, originally written in Hebrew.

I would appreciate you offering me input on the best way of how to learn such religious text terminology, as I’m a total layman when it comes to scriptural text as far as academic education goes (like attending seminaries/ synagogues/mosques, etc) but am some one who is seeking to “know the truth”.

A fellow truth seeker,