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Amin asked 4 years ago

Salamu alaikum,
I hope you and your family are doing well inshallah,
I have recently made an investment of 2250 US dollars with a company considerd a global investment portfolio. It is quite complicated but to try to simplify, it is a global investment company, where people all over the world invest in the company for returns. This works by buying education packages about investment from the company which will in return give you CRUs which are a form of cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is backed by many investments and shares this company has with other companies such as amazon, fiverr, apple, as well as banks, stock markets and insurance referral markets. I profit by receiving a loyalty bonus which is basically a divided share of the earnings made my the company. As well as the CRUs when they rise in value which depends on human demand. I would like to know please if my investment was halal or haram and if yes how much of it is haram. Is it all or part of it because most of the investments made by the company are halal. If there are haram investments is it possible to remove the haram percentage and keep the rest? If not what can i do as it is not possible to retrieve my 2250 that i have already invested.
Jazakallahu khayr