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Zh asked 4 years ago

My mother has been an extremely abusive figure in my life. My father divorced her because of her narcissistic, psychotic behavior, and then my grandmother and I started living with her. She abused her own mother significantly, which I witnessed as a child. She wanted a career, fame, and extreme importance she met, and obviously, with such an aggressive and unreliable personality, she wasn\’t able to get any of that. She abused me to the extent I attempted suicide several times, and my grandmother became significantly depressed and unhealthy over time. I was able to move away and I\’m happily married now and send her a lot of money each year, but don\’t want to speak to her to keep my trauma at bay. I\’m still suffering from the after-effects of a pathetic abusive childhood, but I am slowly healing not being in contact with her. Hearing her voice makes me go crazy – gives me anxiety, makes me depressed and feel suicidal. I fear God a lot about this since Islam recommends love and respect for parents, and want some help in confirming that I\’m doing the right thing being away from her and not speaking to her except one in 6 months so I am able to live a normal life and heal. Please help.