Prostitution to save family from ruin.

Prostitution to save family from ruin.Category: FinanceProstitution to save family from ruin.
Houda bouslam asked 7 years ago

Hello, i have a friend who was interduced to a wealthy man and decided to date him (with intimacy) in exchange of money. He was happy to help financially her for her family of 4 after her father lost his job and he couldn’t pay his medical bills nor support his family or pay for loans. They owned a house but due to issues with the family they had to move and rent it but they couldn’t use the money because of bankrupcy. Her brother is still young to work and she worked 2 full time jobs (day shifts and night shifts) and tried her best to study as well, but her body couldn’t keep up with the stress and the fatigue so she had to quit it all. I know that what she is doing is HARAM and that is haram money, but My question is : does that money with what she is helping her family from beeing out on the streets will still be concidered haram? And does she have to give all the money to homeless people and go back to where she and her family were? And is ALLAH ever going to forgive her??
Thank you.