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Md Tanweer Asif asked 4 years ago

Assalam Walaikum
Its regarding my property.We were initially very poor and at that time my father bought small land and built one room.After my graduation I went to Saudi and decided to build a house on that peice of land.My younger brother was jobless as he was more keen to fall in love than to study anf build a father was earning but did not contribute any thing in building that house.Now my father wants to didlstribute this house equally among both of us.I wanted that my father ditribute the land that he bought equally between us and give me the owner ship of the flat that I built with my hard earned money,and my brother can build on the first floor.But they are not accepting it.They have decided that it should be devided equally.My brother was always arrogant and disrespect towards me because i did not approve of his love affairs and marriage before his career.I want to ask what myparents are doing is correct from Islamic point of view.Please guide me as i feel cheated because I build that house by earning mere thirty thousand a month.My parent see me as an atm machine and nothing else all they want is money from me.But I never complained.But this time Iam feeling I have been wronged.Please help me.