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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Assalamu Alaykum. I have been friends with someone for over ten years. Throughout those ten years he has given me a lot of help in terms of giving me advice, deciding my career path and studying for exams. He was always very insistent I needed his help and would get angry when I did not ask him for it. There came a point where I felt dependent on his word. About 5 years into the friendship, he started to use all that he has done for me against me whenever I did not do something that he wanted me to do. I am a very sensitive person, so when someone is angry at me I do anything to make that person not angry at me. Lately, I feel like I am trapped in this friendship. I feel as if I can’t make a decision on my own without his approval. If I do not ask for his advice and make a decision on my own, he makes me feel as if I am “incompetent” and an “imbecile”. I have learned to agree with him just to keep the friendship because I am genuinely thankful for all that he has helped me with. It just seems like I will never be thankful enough no matter what I say or do. Whenever I do not do as he says, he claims that I am not thankful for all he has done and that I have not helped him at all in his life. When I do try to help my efforts are insincere or I have not done enough. I don’t know what to do anymore and feel defeated and stuck. What should I do?