Premarital Concern

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Michelle Hai asked 4 years ago

I am 27 years old and looking to get married soon. I have been talking to someone I met on Muzmatch matrimonial app for 3 months now. He lives 20 minutes away from me and we have met up quite a few times so far, but I’m still unsure about him for some reasons I would like to discuss. He is a genuine and honest guy who prays 5 times a day and cares for his family and friends, but I’m still unsure about him. We both are serious and would not like to waste time and keep it halal of course. His parents and my parents have even talked and everyone including him is ready to take the next step (nikkah) when I’m ready. I am not emotionally invested in him and I’m not physically attracted to him either though he is handsome and others may think so. I s it okay to marry someone you dont love? I wanted to talk to someone well-versed in the topic of marriage/pre-marriage before I make such an important life decision.