Prayer In A Place Without A Mosque

Prayer In A Place Without A MosqueCategory: ReligionPrayer In A Place Without A Mosque
Nurul Afifah asked 3 years ago

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum, Imam. I’m Nurul Afifah from Australia. 

Recently, I’ve moved to Australia with my husband (Alhamdulillah). My husband had been blessed with the path of Islam about a year ago, and I am now living with him with Allah’s blessing to help him learn more about Islam. 
However, the area we live in have no muslim community, a mosque or any prayer room known to us. Sometimes, when we had to do grocery shopping pr run some errands, we would miss either Zuhr or Asr. What we have tried to do in order to respect the Prayer Time was to pray in the car and later qada’ it at home. 
I understand we can do it in any ground of earth, but we were concerned of any danger that could come our way, as we are concerned that we might trigger some hate. I would want to let my husband experience comfort when he prays as he is new and I dont want him to be scared.
So, is it okay for us to do prayers in the car? If so, is it correct for us to qada’ our prayers later on as we reach home?
Thank you for your time, Imam. May Allah bless you. Assalamualaikum.