Paternal property distribution among sons and daughter

Paternal property distribution among sons and daughterCategory: QuestionsPaternal property distribution among sons and daughter
Hossain Chowdhury asked 4 years ago

I am British and I live in UK with my family. I came from Bangladesh 20 years ago.
Being elder son of my family I feel some responsibilities towards my siblings who lives in Bangladesh.
My Father expired long time ago. At that time all my siblings were adult.
My father disbursed all his properties among the siblings before his deceased.
I suspect the share of the property wasn’t exactly followed the Sharia law.
As per the tradition of Bangladesh he has allocated more toward his sons than that of his daughters.
However, no one raised voice due to the fact that, in terms of valuation the property wasn’t that distinctive to be mentioned.
By the course of time, the valuation of properties has been inflated significantly. As a consequence, the properties belongs to sons are more distinctive.  Whereas the daughters are mostly sold their properties before the price rise.

  1. Does the sons are liable for holding most share of the property?
  2. Does the sons should make an arrangement to disburse some part of their share to their sisters, in order to balance between son and daughter as per Sharia law?

Ratio of distribution(estimated):
               Sons – 30% each – Property price has raised significantly.
               Daughter 5% each – Mostly sold.
               Mother 20%
               All the properties are in Bangladesh.
               Most of the sibling are in Bangladesh.

  1. Do I need to take any initiative to arrange get together all brothers and sisters and proposed re distribution of properties?
  2. Do I need to proposed redistribution of property as per Sharia law?

3.            If my initiative doesn’t work what would be the measure can be taken?