Parents preventing us from getting married

Parents preventing us from getting marriedParents preventing us from getting married
Maven Quest asked 4 years ago

Please, I come before you seeking guidance.  I was in a relationship for seven months. He promised me that he would marry me. And he promised me that he would do what it takes to move to the US to be with me. We considered ourselves engaged. I even mailed him his engagement ring, and then he told his parents. They said no. I understand they are elderly, he is their only son, He has three sisters. I am more than willing to take care of his parents, but they do not wish to move from Algeria. If I moved to Algeria, I would never see my family again because we would never have enough money to fly to the US. My family is very poor. They would not be able to pay for our plane tickets either. Learning Arabic would be very difficult for my daughter and she would need to learn Arabic to finish her schooling if we moved.  I’m not even sure if they will allow him to marry me. They only addressed the concern that they are elderly and need him to stay with them. My question is, what is more important, keeping a promise or obeying parents? Please, I mean no disrespect. Parents are very important, but given the circumstances, I feel as if there is no give and take. I’m not sure what to do. I am hoping that you can provide scriptures or verses from the Quran along with your answer. Thank you so much for your time and your guidance. Respectfully, Maven Quest.