Parents arguments and drugs

Parents arguments and drugsCategory: ParentingParents arguments and drugs
Komal Hussain asked 4 years ago

My dad does illegal drugs as well as smoking and alcohol. Due to this, there are continuous arguments in the house. He (whilst ‘out of his senses’) says very wicked and disgusting things to my mum. She tries to ignore it a lot however even when she does ignore it he continues which can get physical sometimes and like everything, there is only so much patient any women has and so she does reply back sometimes. I’m now 18 and I’ve been seeing this since I was around 10 and so I’ve become very intolerant of my dad as I know that he is wrong… he does not fulfil hes father and husband duties as most of it is handled by my older brother now mashallah. He curses me any sibling my mum and her family back home in Pakistan. Whilst being intolerable.. I do sometimes crack and end up saying this when I get angered. I dont know what my question and what the point of this was. But I just needed advice. What should I do..  what should my mum do.. honestly lost hope for my dad so I’m not going to ask about him, he doesnt want to pray salah dont want to hear about islam, dont want to get help with his addication. The only time he remembers islam is when it ‘favours’ him.. for example, I’m your husband… I deserve this, you are khaffir you dont do tobah only when my mum answers back… I dont know if I’m getting my point across but overall what in trying to say is… he only wants to use islam and the teaching that at the time somewhat backs him… other than that, nothing. What should I, my mother and my siblings do? It’s been happening for too long. Please help.