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Sincerity asked 5 years ago

I have met a guy, in my university, whom I liked and thought would be my significant other and have brought his name up to my family. They rejected him because he is from a lower social class from us. My parents and sister have said that he is the wrong choice because it would be a downgrade for our family. I tried to explain to them of how wrong the way their thinking is and they all got defensive. They have blamed me for having a relationship behind their back. Upon having a proposal from a family of great wealth my family couldn’t believe it and tried to force me to agree to the marriage. My mom have abused me psychologically and emotionally because I disagreed to her forced marriage. She continued blaming me for a mistake I have done about 6 months ago and kept saying how I am a disgrace to my family. She described how shocked she was about my actions and that I shouldn’t go against them because رضىالوالدينis all that matters. I tried to explain to my siblings and parents that this guy is perfect in terms of his religious devotions and he simply completes me. Having not grown up in great religious emphasis during my childhood I felt very insecure about myself. They all look down on others and neglected his good attributes. They have said that the community and society they are living in will mock them about marrying their daughter off from a low social class. There was a guy who proposed to me and my mom was head to toes over him because he is related to her mother’s family. She told me that I will enjoy both my life and after life if I got married to him. She kept praising him because he prays and fasts during Ramadan. She said that I will win a lot if I was lucky enough to get married to him. I am a person who can’t tolerate screaming and arguments and I felt unease whenever she approached me because she wasn’t there to ask about me (what parents should do) except she wanted to talk to me about marrying this ideal guy of great wealth. It has been two months and she keeps getting worse in terms of her actions toward me. She blames me for my actions and tells me how other girls are much better than me because they agreed to arranged marriage. She is blind about her wrongdoings and can’t tolerate anyone who talks to her about them.
I am here to ask if I am at right religiously and rightfully to oppose marriage that is fixated merely on wealth, honor and family pride. And if I should continue fighting for someone who I truly want.