Sarah asked 7 years ago

Asalamu alakoum, 
I am having a problem with my parents. I am 22 years old and have a semester left to finish with my BA degree. I have meet someone through college, a Muslim Egyptian man. He is an overall good Muslim man. We are very interested with each other and of course want to make things halal. I opened up with my parents and told them that I was interested in a man. My parents are open to get me married, although they did not accept the man I met because he is Egyptian. I am Jordanian from both sides of the family, and my parents will not even meet him because they only want me to marry someone from the same culture. I tried talking to my mom and older sister but seems everyone is against me and nobody is on my side. I still see him and talk to him and feel guilty for hiding it from my parents. I just really need the advice of someone to help me and tell me what I could do in this case. I dont want to make my parents upset, I always made them happy. I know that if they meet him they will like who he is as a person. Please tell me what I should do. Thank you for your time.