Nothing is working out

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Anon asked 8 years ago

Asalam alaykium,
I would like to keep myself anonymous however I and another friend of mine are deeply going through major financial and life problems. Me and my friend previously found a job which nobody else founded and the job prospectus was great. Once we told friends and family, things started to go down hill. We were conned and everyone surrounding us started talking about the money we were earning and what they would do with it etc and envied us. I think that has really bad evil eye has inflicted upon us and therefore in need of desperate help because we are unable to find any jobs, everything has turned upside down and nothing is working out. I have prayed sincerely to Allah SWT for things to work out but nothing has changed, I believe in Allah however I want to cure this evil eye so that myself and my friend can go back to our lives normally,
Inshallah talaaa please helps us out
Sisters In Islam.