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Jade asked 5 years ago

As salamu alaikum. I am concerned about a matter my husband keeps bringing up. I took my shahada 6 years ago. I have been married for 5. I am worried about my family dynamics as my husband says I should limit my interaction with my sisters and limited sleepovers are a complete no. I’m told Islam prohibits completely and if I follow Islam I should accept. My concern is that my husband is using this to mask his own personal issue with my brother in laws. He knows my sisters well. They are good people they are good parents they just haven’t accepted Islam yet. I feel Islam is not so cut off especially with regards to family, when it comes to not being a believer yet. 
My husband says he is concerned for our imam. However he knows firstly me and my siblings are a lot closer than the usual due to our upbringing be bonded more than others. He knows how close we are and have always been. He knows they have accepted us as Muslims. They buy halal meat the accommodate for prayers even open to dawa. On top of this they love my children like their own and vice versa hence the grey area of them being non muslim but they would never harm or go against our beliefs. They are even open to the point one of my nieces had prayed with us and the other says bismillah before she eats. These are just examples of how much of a positive affect we are having yet my husband holds onto differentiation. He wants my family at a distance out of judgement and discrimination that they are non believers. I’m confused because he knew our bond when we met and this has been an opinion since an altercation with my brother in laws. We are already struggling writhing our marriage and I don’t really know where to turn. I feel we need a divorce as this mindset is only the tip of the iceberg. I honestly do not know who to contact.