No sexual desire to a women

No sexual desire to a womenCategory: RelationshipsNo sexual desire to a women
Brother in Need asked 4 years ago

As Salaamu Alaikum, 
I have a problem which I have suffered from a little age. I have no sexual attraction to a women, but have an urges towards men. I have never told any one this or acted on these feelings with another man, and it makes me sick. I hate that I have these thoughts but these are my heart desires which I have no control over. I want to get married and have children, start a family, but I feel as i won’t be able to perform or fufil her desires due to the way I am. 
I am at the age where marriage is a common topic, and will be meeting a family soon. She is a good girl who comes from a good family. I don’t want to commit to her and not be able to satisfy her desires, which will eventually ruin her life. I am scared I would not be able to fulfil my responsibilities. I have read articles which states to marry, but how can I if i have no sexual desires to a women? 
Please can you advice what is the best course of action, and how I should move forward. I feel embarrassed and ashamed, my parents won’t understand. And if I do marry, and unable to perform the women will realise there is something wrong with me. What can I do brother?