Nikah when her parents won’t agree

Nikah when her parents won’t agreeCategory: RelationshipsNikah when her parents won’t agree
Fahad asked 4 years ago

I am a 19 year old male uni student and I am in a serious relationship with a girl who is also 19 and also goes to uni , my parents knows about her but her parents do not know about me and she can’t tell out of fear of her father who is very strict and her mother who wishes for her to finish her studies before she gets into a relationship , she said she feels really bad now lying to her mom and she feels like she is betraying her trust with the way things are going between us so she said she wants to cut down on us talking and meeting until our studies are finished which is 3 more years , we both really love each other and miss each other and wanna be together so bad , I want to do nikah with her and make our relationship halal and then continue our studies too and she said she wish she could but she can’t coz of her parents , what can I do in such a situation as I really love this girl and wanna do nikah with her but how can I convince her to tell her parents about me and to take this relationship Further