Nikah after zina

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Cassandra asked 5 years ago

For 10 years I have been in a relationship with a muslim man I am a non muslim who is ready to convert. He was married and he started this relationship with me. 4 years into the relationship he had another child with his wife and we still continued our relationship as he then said that he had islamically divorced her. 2 years later we had a baby together but he is still living in the same household as his ex wife. He recently has become very pious and even stays in the mosque for the last ten days of fasting and he has now said to me that the only way for us to continue this relationship is for us to make nikah but at first we must repent for 6 months for every year of this relationship which makes it 5 years. How do we go about doing this? And also should he still be living with his ex wife if they are divorced? What is the way forward from here