Jade Thomas asked 4 years ago

Salam I’m finding it very difficult right now. I am a new revert of 6 months I have been with my partner for 8 years we have 3 beautiful children and i have 2 children from a previous relationship. my partner has been muslim for 16 years. We have had a very rocky relationship for a long time but I want to be with him and make this work. he wants the same. The thing is since reverting It has fell heavy on my heart that we are not married. It’s something which has concerned me even before reverting. And I am really feeling the stress of this now more then ever it has never seemed to bother him he says ‘inshallah one day’. I want to marry him asap  i cant go on like this but because of quarentine and also no money it’s pretty much impossible. Is there a way we can do nikah online for free so we no longer are living haram. It’s so important to me and I’m lost for what to do.