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Catherine asked 8 years ago

Salam Alaikouk 
I am a revert sister who has been married for five years now. Alhamdulillah. My husband and myself, aren’t currently getting along. I graduated from university two years ago. We tried to start a family, after no luck for three years we went to get medical help. My husband has a very low sperm count, and their isn’t chance for us to connive without the help of IVF. We both want to start a family, however the doctors want us to wait until next year.
In the mean time I’m currently working in a supermarket, that sells alcohol and pork. i just applied for a new job, and got the job Alhamdulillah. Its as a area manger running a small group of cleaners. However my husband won’t let me accept the new job. He says its because its a mixed job with men and women, however the job I’m currently is mixed and I’m touching alcohol and pork! Its better money financially.
What i’m asking is does my husband have the right to make me stay in a job that i’m unhappy with? He says i have to work.