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Md. Shadik-Ul- Islam asked 3 years ago

Please take my salam. I came here for a solution for my son’s name. Right now he is 5 years of age. During the time of his akikah we keep his name as “Md. Adiyanul Islam”. Recently we find that the meaning of his name is not right. Din means religion and Adiyan is the plural of Din. So Adiyanul islam means islam religions. The name is not meaningful. Is the explanation is right? If yes, is there is a way by keeping the name Adiyan and adding another word, to make it meaningful. Or else can you please suggest some names. By the way, my name is Md. Shadik-ul-islam and my father name is Md. Anwarul Islam.
I want to make my son as Hafiz of the Quran. So if please help me, it will be a real help for us.