My wife is not intimate with me

My wife is not intimate with meCategory: OtherMy wife is not intimate with me
Nadeem asked 4 years ago

Assalam walaikum 
I have been married for 24 years, as time went on my wife and I drifted apart. Being neglected and always fighting I had moved out and moved back in couple of times. In the last time moving back in I had a back surgery and a knee surgery and after off of work I went back to work again. Worked for 2 years and got hurt again. Became disable again. Taking pain pills before and now affects sexual performance. But when I was not taking them back to work performance was good, and in between if I ran out of pain meds I would be good again until I would take the pills again. Recently I told got the courage and told my wife I need intimacy and I can be without pills a day or two hear and there and it’s been 2 weeks nothing yet. She told me she likes to go places I told her find places and we will go and nothing yet. What should i do and i do hold my urges back but if i can’t hold it back can i masterbate from me preventing to do zina.