my rights

aisha asked 8 years ago

My husband is wanting to marry a 2nd wife so he can get his visa and have a baby. I am a revert and have had past relationships where i was cheated on. He knows about this and knows how i feel about him taking a second wife. It is tearing me apart because he is now texting girls looking for number 2. He has done this once before behind my back and now hes doing it again but i found out. I pay all the bills, rent and food while he saves his wage for his visa which he has been doing for the last 2 years. Ive told him if he wants to marry again i want a divorce as i can not live knowing he is with another woman and having a baby with her which i want but cant give him. Please help I have told him how i feel but he doesnt care. What should i do and what are my rights.