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Saaeed asked 7 years ago

everything i do is criticized by my parents. Work, school grades, not working, eating, not eating, going somewhere, not going. In short every single thing is criticized. I tried talking to them but they flip the tables at some time in conversation and start blaming me for all situations. They start crying that its better to have no child than child like this and this and that, basically they have narcisstic personalities. Both of them. I am sick and tired of the overall home position and i need to get rid of all this situation. I have tried everything, now i want some Imam to guide me according to Quran and Sunnah for such parents who think they are good with their children in terms of parenting but they aren\’t in real.Both of them give preferance to my sister and whatever is the matter, even if its not regarding me then they would drag me into that matter and blame me.