My marrige problems

My marrige problemsCategory: RelationshipsMy marrige problems
Amira asked 7 years ago

Assalamo alaikom. Im a 23 year old girl who just got married. My husband was married before and has 2 children but he got an divorce. Ive been married for about 3 weeks. We have faught alot lately, and everytime it is about something silly but escalates to a big problem. My husband has an issue with anger. But he is a good person elhamdolellah and he prays 5 times a day. Like today he was making fun of my looks. And for hil it was funny but ive talked to him about it before and ive said that we should have limits to ehat we can joke about. So when he did so i got irritated and was just quiet. So we went home and i started to make some dinner. He asked why i looked so angry. So i said no there is nothing and keept on making the food. Then he just flipped. He started yelling and cussing and exuse my language, but he said he would f*** my sister and stuff like that. Then he said the same about me. And i was just quiet. And then i couldnt take it anymore. I said im beeing quiet becauee i dont want to fight, and he keept on talking and saying that he doesnt want to sleep with me and that he thanks allah for not making me pregnant and that he dont want to have children with me. And that im a bad wife and i dont give hil any attention and that il jealus og my sister and that he would look at her and stuff like that. Im really hurt because this is the second time he has flipped out like this. Then i told him i cant make food now because he is screaming at me. Then he treatened me and said make food now. I said i dont want to make food if he is goong to yell at me while im beeing quiet. So he said i should leave the home and he raised his hands. I said i will not leave and the only way to make me leave is to throw me out. And he grabed me and i said no im not going to leave. Then he started to say alot of stuff and yell and cuss at me. I started to cry and he said i was just an icecold person and that i didnt give him love. But wallahi im doing everything i can to make hil happy. He forsnt work now and he didnt have alot of money when we got married but wallah i accepted him anyways and helped him with everything. I even didnt want mahr. And i used to live and norway but i mover ti denmark to be with him. And he couldnt make a big wedding so i said we didnt have to and we made a small celebration in a room with 30 people. And i havent baught anything for myself. We got some money from the wedding and wallahi i didnt take anything from it. He made some payments and we almost didnt have any food and still i didnt complain. I sold my phone and a purse and two clocks to help out and still i havent used for myself. We use it to buy food and we helped his mother. He is good wallah but he thinks im a bad person and i dont know why. His last wife treated him really bad and he was in a bad place. But ive always helped him and he just pushes me away when there is a little problem. He makes me look like a bad person and says alot of things thats not true. Please help me, wallahi ive made a lot og dua and trying to make it good but i dont know that to do. He apologized but it still hurts and noe i dont feel like i want to sleep with him or get pregnant. Because he said that he didnt want me to get oregnant and thats why he doesnt sleep with me and he dont want to sleep with me. Eventhoug he said it when he was mad but its the second time he says that he dont want to sleep with me and it really hurts me. Ya allah give me sabr and make the best out of this.