My marriage is bad

My marriage is badCategory: RelationshipsMy marriage is bad
A asked 7 years ago

My husband and I have been married for 7 years.  All 7 years have been full of hurt, anger, and distrust. Many times he has said disgusting and mean things to me about my honor, my family, and my morals. He has called me names and accused me of things that make me feel like he is cutting our my heart.  I am a very conservative woman and fear Allah.  I don’t do anything that is shameful.  What he says to me doesn’t hurt as much as in the past because I’ve gotten so used to hearing him say these things to me.  I work and help him with our expenses.  I’ve offered to quit my job if he doesn’t trust me outside the house, but he refuses saying we need the money.  He beat me constantly the first two years of our marriage until I told my parents.  Now its just verbal abuse when he’s really angry or he just ignores me and doesn’t speak to me for weeks at a time.  Many times he has said that he regrets marrying me and wishes he can divorce me and marry someone else.  He threatens to actually do this often.  I have tried very hard for the first 4 years of our marriage to appease him thinking everything is my fault and that if I am a better wife he will become a better husband.  Because I did not see any change in him, I have stopped trying for the past 3 years.  If he is happy he is happy and if he is not then he is not and I don’t care anymore.  We have two children so I stay in this marriage for them.  Also, I am afraid of what will become of me if I do get divorced.  I can support my self and my children, but I’m not ready to give up on the life I have right now.  I still have hope that my marriage will improve but I’m afraid that he will continue to degrade me.  I feel so depressed sometimes that I wonder if my life would be better without him.  What should I do?