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asiya asked 7 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum
I am a revert to Islam for 5 years Alhamdullilah. But I am married just about 4 months. I feel confused on what to do. I am not sure if my husband really loves me or is just trying to use me. I am living in USA and he is applying for green card with me. I am 27 and he is older than me. He does his duties as a husband, but I am scared it is all means to an end and when he gets what he wants he will leave me. I am scared he has plans with other woman to marry her after he is done with me. I was pregnant and lost the baby recently. I was worried even he gave me something in my food to make me lose it if that’s possible. Im scared shaytaan is talking to me to destroy my marriage or I’m not sure if all this is really true. I don’t have anyone in this world as family and now I just have my husband and I’m scared without him since I wear hijab Im scared I won’t be able to find job without him and scared he will just hurt me and leave me. He did some things in past to show me he has interest in other women so I dont know if i can trust him and sometimes I feel this marriage wasnt justice since I didnt get wedding or mahr and the wali was someone who didnt know me. I am without kids and first marriage and Im so scared because I had niyah inside for this to be real and not to wait and Im scared he’s using me.