My husbands having an affair

My husbands having an affairCategory: RelationshipsMy husbands having an affair
Shaz asked 5 years ago

me and my husband have been married for almost 9 years with 3 children (one only 3 months). My husband has been weak and has an addiction to both alcohol and cocaine. I recently found out that he has been having a affair for a year and today came home drunk and mentioned he might be the father to a daughter outside of marriage. 
We were on a separation for about 10 months prior to me falling pregnant for the third time. 
He has promised me many times that he is going to change yet keeps on breaking the promises. I have no trust left for him and I am running out of patience for the sake of my children. 
Help me with what to do. Do I try to trust him again or do I just call an end to the whole thing and let us go our separate ways? I have had enough of being hurt all the time and he just doesn’t understand what I am saying. 
Thank you.