My husband treats me terribly

My husband treats me terriblyCategory: RelationshipsMy husband treats me terribly
sakeena asked 3 years ago

As salam mulaikum,
I’ve been married to my now husband since April of 2017 alhamdulilah, he was good to me for about a month until he started doing hard drugs like coke and marijuana, he started to become distant and would ignore my pleas to spend time with me, after a year of that we moved to a different province and he started to have withdraws and became very violent towards me, he would throw things at me, bang his head on the floor, punch walls, slam doors, break furniture and also found himself messaging his ex wife and telling her that he loves her and all he thinks about is her when he’s having sexual relations with me, as hard as that was to read, I went into depression but made lots of dua and eventually I forgave him for his transgressions, I got pregnant by accident and alhamduliah had a beautiful baby boy mashallah but recently though, I found out he’s been using dating websites to find other women and calling them beautiful and tells them he wants to see them in person. i’m tired of crying myself to sleep over this man, I cry during prayer, I cry before bed, I cry every morning, so my question is do I have enough to divorce him ? and if so, would I have to live with him for the required 3 month (before the divorce process) as he makes my wiswas really strong and makes me full of rage and pain I cannot subject my baby with his toxicity