My husband keep threatening

My husband keep threateningCategory: RelationshipsMy husband keep threatening
Asma asked 4 years ago

I have a husband who know deen 
Recently i had a baby since having baby i had no rest 
I explained i need break as my body was weak and was unwell he still pressured me and kept saying he has rights
Since then i have not recovered and I do give his rights and occasionally when im not well n sick i tell him he doesnt believe me and he say angel will curse me i have 4 children,no rest no sleep n breastfeeding and i suffer very bad anxiety 
When his desired fulfiled he goes he loves me and days when i say im not well he goes what kind of wife i am
It is sin to be unwell, i said his oppressing me then he goes if it was not for baby he would leave isnt this oppression 
I said to him his never there emotionally,not help around house of kids, i do everything i cant even have 2min break even in toilet im always in rush
Now body so over exhausted 
Spoke to his mother even though she explain he doenst listen
I even told him to remarry as i myself not well
One minute he shows me love if the day he doesnt get anything im nothin n he pushes me if i go near him to talk normally 
Please advise me