My husband has feelings for another woman

My husband has feelings for another womanCategory: RelationshipsMy husband has feelings for another woman
Umm noor asked 4 years ago

Assalmao alaikom,
I need advice regarding my marriage life. My husband confessed to me yesterday that for the past year he has been having feeling for another woman. We have been married for 2 years, But because of my mothers Illness i have been living at home and i have not moved in with him yet. We have not had any sexual relations yet due to us only having nikkah and not having the wedding yet. I am in so much distress and sorrow because we have not started our life yet. He told me he had a drinking problem and this other woman helped him through this and She loves him and wants to become his second wife. We have been living in 2 different countries and i tried to talk to him everyday But i was not aware of all these things happening. I feel betrayed But i Also feel like it is me fault. I do not know what to do. He told me he tried to make her go away But She keeps coming back into his life. He said he is afraid that if he does not marry her She will kill herself. I dont know what to do Wallah I’m only making dua and praying Allah Swt can help me through this.