My husband does not fulfill his responsibility

My husband does not fulfill his responsibilityCategory: ReligionMy husband does not fulfill his responsibility
Dil asked 4 years ago

Salaam, im married 2nd time for 8 years,in this 8 years my husband has not support me physicly, mentally  and emotionally, he does not fulfill his reaponsibilty towards me if its about bringing money food or if its come to physical love. Im only 37 yrs old and i dont get my husband love and physical needs from.him.
I pray 5 times a day , i read quraan on a daily basis, i cook for him ,i keep the house clean, i still go out to work and help him with bills and rest of things but i have find out getting disturbed cause i do everything to please Allah and my husband is standing betwen me and my goal to achieve jannat, he is the only reason that could cause all my good deed turn away .
Cause he finds all sort of ways to put me down .he makes me disturbed with his way of living and his mentality.
Im concerned about my good deed and my hars work to towards my Allah 
Pls tell me if i should leave him or what shall i do