My ex wife

Khalil Abdul-rasheed asked 8 years ago

I divorced my ex 5 years ago. We share children who live with me. She complained to the world how bad her life was in polygany. I show her nothing but indifference. I made a promise to her that i would never disturb or bother her in this life. We communicate thru my wife. I do my upmost not to engage or speak to her. She doesnt like this. When we were married she would call and talk to her ex husband before and ask him for money and favors…i tried to be understanding because her kids like him. But i told her after the divorce im not that guy .dont call me or bother me for anything or any favors…unless you are in serious trouble,hurt or on your death bed. So for 5 years weve argued on and of shell text me or write…even though i tell her not to,cause theres no need..and i never give her much thought..well here is the problem 2016 im still trying to put my life back together after the divorce…i start dreaming about her every nite..what does that mean,why is this happening. Ive blocked her on all social media sites. Cause i dont want her in my life at all.but these dreams confuse me so and i always misenterpet what it is allah wants me to i made a dua to be safe to unite our family. I want my family to be together in jennah but shes married and its only for the sake of my kids would i ask such a thing. The problem is i dispise anf hate this woman to my core.i beg Allah to please remove this in my heart…i was doing so well…then these emotions and memories are flooding me every day. What is Allah doing.everything is going wrong 8ve prayed to be married but i get nothing but strange people. Im unhappy with my life as far as that and money…but thats life. She met me 3 month after her divorce. Then met her next husband 3 month after ours…shes not my wife anymore…is this considered breaking family ties…she married to another man. Am i wrong because i dont want to associate with her. Why cant i be allowed to go on with my life in peace.i gave her all she wanted.i dont bother her in anyway…why wont he help me what wrong. I’m a good person. And tried very hard to take care of this woman with what all gave me…but she wasn’t good…and it did I made dua for allah to please give me better than what I’ve lost..but I’m the wise, money ,contentment…I feel Allah has humiliated me and blessed….I sincerely hate her…her death would not make me sad. That bothers me I feel no compassion for her. We thought we would be in jennah together.why would Allah do this…why could he just give me the good wife I asked for.I feel like such a failure…we both always prided ourselves that we would never let shaitan win over Allah..and break up our family…I wasted 9 years of my life on a false love…and now I can’t get past this anger…cause I have to deal with her. Please help is there anything I can do. I feel so abandoned by Allah. ..I pray ask forgiveness he doesn’t respond…I’m losing hope…my spirit and heart are already broken…I don’t show it…but every day I wish truly…that it will be my last.I’m not looking forward to ramadan, cause this burden block all happiness of this month.please help. Salam.