My cat is bei g hurt by kurdish neighbours

My cat is bei g hurt by kurdish neighboursMy cat is bei g hurt by kurdish neighbours
Otterlea Jacobs asked 5 years ago

My Kurdish neighbours are hurting g my cat,they put cat repellent in my home that makes my cat and me very sick,the smell is terrible,every day for 3 years they hurt his moved to live among muslims,to learn of their lives their !I’ve of Allah,all about their lives,I am an English woman aged 62 but my Kurdish neighbours scream at me if I ask them to stop hurting my cat, or they laugh at me,I don’t want to call the police as it will make them worse,all the other Muslims in our block of flats are kind to me,but not my Kurdish neighbours,please can you help me to make them stop as my cat has lost 4 kg,and is very scared of them,he can’t stay in the flat today as the cat repellent is so stre,they put it in at 10 am then again at 6 pm then so.eti.we at midnight,everything in my flat smells and my hair is falling out so is my cats fur,he’s such a lovely cat,now he’s so scared and runs when he sees tgem.can you advise me,they are a rather big family,and I live alone,
Thank you in advance,I am now reading the Qur’an,and enjoy g it