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sara asked 5 years ago
السلام عليكم
hello, please i want to ask
about muttah agreement and
nikah. iam divorced iraqi
woman and i meet another muslim
man i love him and we did
muttah agreement so we can be
closer in halal way. in the
agreement i written that i
accept you as my husband untill
you marry with me forever. now
2 months past i got settle in
new home and he tell me i do
nikah when you got settle in
new house. still he not do
with me and i feel scared that
he can leave anytime and i
allow him to see me and touch
me i feel upset. is it haram
if he dont keep to the
agreement in muttah? when he
agree to marry me forever?
please advice me coz i feel
bit scared now and upset.