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Manal Bensalih asked 5 years ago

Assalamo Alaikom, I’m Muslim girl 16 years old and I need help about a topic in islam,you know if someone likes you before marriage how do you say no in the right way……. and they know you said no, especially if it’s your cousin,because this topic is not really clear to me, I searched in google and Islamic platforms but I don’t find any good advice,how would it make me feel? I just feel onnoyed to have this situation up especially when I am a practicing sister do you have a solution to repree from relationships in an easy way for both people,but you don’t understand…….. this has already gone, and he has stopped loving me , and I recovered , but im talking about if I get this situation again when someone says I love you and you are muslim girl how can I react wisely so I don’t get confused like I was in my past experience, jazaka allahu khaira hope you answer promptly