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Rafi Chowdhury asked 4 years ago

Salamualikum brother in islam. I hope my message finds you well. I would like to know the possible solutions how to handle my abnormal mother. We are family of five. My mother, father, brother, myself and my wife. My mum had serious issue with her brain. Her stubbornness, angers causing issues in the problem. She insults and utters slang at everyone especially my father. She speaks so bad to my father that it is hard to bear. Very disrespectful and her insults did not stop even in front of my wife. She wants everything in her way even if by dominating with anger and rudeness. Please note that she has wild behaviour before her mental sickness. We have consulted doctor and nothing is working. Sometimes it is hard to stay calm when she utters vulgar words. If anyone is in her side then she is ok even if its wrong. If someone speaks truth and fact she cause a chaos in the family. As an elder son and main source of earning I do my best to support them. She does not understand that we have limited income and to be cautious while cooking foods. We have tried a lot to make her understand but all in vein. Even my aunts and uncles from abroad tried to make her understand. I try to minimise the costs but she makes it worse. Her brothers (my uncles) told me to let her do whatever she wants. Now we are in mess. We all are suffering. Even she utters “how dare I am sleeping with my wife”. Yesterday I no longer able to keep myself patient and screamed at her because I could not take all this. There are more issues which by simply writing cannot be explained. From the above mentioned points, please my dear brother give me a solution. I know Allah said to be dutiful towards parents and I really fear the punishment of Allah before I utter anything. But yesterday I could not. I am a human being. I had limits as well. Please tell me what I should do?