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raya asked 5 years ago

Hello, I have a question. My dad has passed away leaving me, my sister, and my mother alone just the 3 of us. My grandparents & uncles are very rich and they don’t want to help us, my mother has worked for her entire life and now she’s at a point where she can no longer work, and so she had to ask people to lend her money so we can continue living. My uncles sends us monthly allowance of 1,400$ but in today’s world, we can’t live off of that. Because we have rent, colleges, school, and our everyday needs, the money is not enough. My question is, do they HAVE TO help us? Since we are orphaned and left without a father. They have left us for many many years, and they have sent us that allowance only in the year of 2016 because we told them our mom can’t no longer work, due to her health. Every time we get into serious needs and need their help in the most way possible, they turn their backs on us, and they tell us to work with the 1400$ they give us and don’t ask for more, even though they are very very Rich. My grandparents are also extremely rich and no one wants to help us. Are they obliged to help us? Or they are not? I don’t understand if they have to because we are orphaned and we only have them. Allah SWT has said to help the orphan and they are very religious so they should know. Thank you for your help