Ahmed asked 4 years ago

salam aalaikom

I live in the netherlands and i am at the moment studying. Now for school I get from the goverment a budget of 400 euros a month sometimes its a bit tight. I took a loan of 400 euro extra to invest and to not get tight from schoolexpenses. For this loan I have a 5 year no interest after the 5 year they will estabelish the new interest rate for me which is probably low or 0. But that was not the plan i dont go for a maybe and my plan is to pay the debt immediatly after the 5 years with working next to my study inshalah. Now my question is, is this permissible to invest with in my self and in a business And besides that i have money which I am saving. So if my business goes really bad i still can pay my debt with the saved money. I hope you understood my question inshalah and hear from you soon