Molestation or raped

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Quratulain asked 5 years ago

I don’t know if my Question is regarded to Islam or not but this Question is bugging me for a long time whenever there’s a issue about rape or molestation whether its done in childhood or adulthood the answers always ends with how a women dresses my Question isn’t about defending how they dress but how they should cope in life if any kind of molestation or rape they have gone through and is it a women mistake to be raped or molested and what about all those girls and boys who have been molestated or raped in childhood and how’s these answer made no sense to them and how this type of answer never give justice to how they feel for lifetime and how the scholars never tell that the sins they do is the cause of their sick mind and what is the punishment for those people’s hope i don’t offend anyone if i did i am sorry.