Razia asked 4 years ago

im a fifteen year old girl and I have a question to do with gender relations. 
I’ve been talking to this guy who lives in Dubai , I live in London.
he was on the wrong path and committing sins but I’ve changed his life completely and now he’s on deen. Me myself I haven’t had the greatest past but alhamdulliah allah found me in the dark and guided me. Me and him and not in any kind of relationship whatsoever he says he will marry me as soon as he’s financially stable and once I’ve completed my alimah course which is in 3 years time inshallah. I’m just worried if by me talking to him I’m doing a sin as he’s a non Mahram. I haven’t sent any bad pictures or talked in a wrong way seriously. He has only my hijab pictures that I showed. I’m afraid If I stop talking to him all together that he will lose track in his imaan and go back to his old ways , last time I tried to stop talking he was very upset and ended up missing some salahs. I just want to know how can I make this interaction not haram I mean the only  things we have said is I hope we get married , I can’t wait to marry you , and things like “ your my wife” “your my husband” I don’t want to make allah upset and I have no wrong intentions and so Dosent he so I would like to know if I’m doing wrong and what should I do. talk to him once a week ? Keep the conversation small ? I don’t know please help. and I would stop taking to him until marriage but I’m young and that’s a long way for right now and I want to help him become a better person.
jazakallah khayr.